David Coulthard's Turkish Grand Prix got off to a rather inauspicious start after his car caught fire during the first practice session of the day that ultimately limited his running in the second as well.

A relatively rare problem to occur out on the track, a fuel leak triggered a spin in the closing stages of the first practice session, but as Coulthard attempted to pull away again a flash of flame emerged from the bottom of his car.

Although it was extinguished by the fast moving marshals, the incident created a substantial amount of damage and forced the Red Bull mechanics to spend the next few hours pouring over the car in the hope of getting it out in time for the second session.

Thankfully for Coulthard, the car was fixed in time and Scot managed to post the 11th fastest lap during the 20 minutes he was out on track.

"My car had a fuel leak and fire at the end of this morning's session, so the team had to find the leak and change the engine. The boys did a great job to get the car out again when they did, as there was a lot of much work to do - it was a good effort.

"Originally we were going to use the T car for the second session, but I wanted to stay with the race car, so we changed the engine instead. Once the car was ready, we got on with working through our normal Friday practice."



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