Alex Wurz refused to call his return to Formula 1 a disappointment, the Austrian instead claiming his performances for Williams this season have been better than people realise.

Wurz has been under fire for failing to have the measure of team-mate Nico Rosberg this year and is thought to be fighting to retain his drive with Williams for 2008.

However, Wurz, who last raced in Formula 1 seven seasons ago with Benetton, was adamant 2007 has been a stronger year than he has been given credit, pointing out his third and fourth place finishes in Montreal and Germany as being particular case points.

"Well, it's better to score points in crazy races than not to score points! They are races where you can make a bit of a difference if you think about what is going on and drive in a controlled way as well as having a very strong team behind you, which pits you at the right time and makes the correct decisions on tyres, like at N?rburgring.

Beyond that though, Wurz also singles out his performance in Malaysia when he started 18th and finishes tenth, as well as at Monaco when he finished seventh after a committed drive from start to finish.

"Straight into my head comes Malaysia where I started 18th on the grid after some technical issues. But forget about this, the race was great and in the first 10 laps I overtook eight guys and they were not out there for a Sunday afternoon drive.

"Monaco was a super strong race with no mistake from the first to the last lap, I only slid wide once which cost me two tenths and that was it, every other corner was on the limit.

However, Wurz admits qualifying has been his Achilles heel this season and while he is now regularly reaching the second phase of qualifying, he has still only out-qualified his team-mate once this season.

"Of course I am not satisfied with some of my qualifying, that is clear. I seem to make it up in the race but I could have a much easier time and could bring even more benefit to the team if I could just put the corners together. It is not that I am missing the speed, it is just getting it together for that one qualifying lap."



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