Spyker finally gave their much delayed B-specification F8-VII its long awaited first appearance as they joined testing at the Monza circuit ahead of his race debut for the Italian Grand Prix.

The car was due to compete at the Turkish Grand Prix but failed a crash test on the eve of the event, forcing the team to redesign part of the rear-end in order for it to pass the stringent FIA inspection.

However, the revised car has since passed the crash test and allowed the Dutch team to join their rivals in Italy for its first proper test having only previously received a shakedown.

Completing 76 laps largely trouble free laps, save for a gearbox problem in the afternoon, in the hands of Adrian Sutil, the German was 12th and slowest of the runners, but encouragingly was just three tenths behind Takuma Sato, despite it being the first run for the car.

With more work to be done on aerodynamics over the course of the final day of testing, in which Sakon Yamamoto will take over, Dominic Harlow, Spyker chief test engineer, was encouraged by the car's initial showing.

'Spyker joined the Monza test a day late with Adrian Sutil driving the 'B' spec chassis for its first full circuit test. Monza requires a specific aero package of which the validation process was started today. The circuit also makes high demands on the brakes, suspension over the kerbs in the chicanes, and on the engine with long periods of hard acceleration.

"During the day the team gathered data on all these areas and worked on particular developments for each of the systems. In terms of our preparation for the race here in ten days time our progress looks promising and we know that there is plenty of potential in the new car."

Sutil too was pleased with the way the car, which is hoped will find an additional second per lap, was performing and is excited about its potential for the remainder the season.

"Today was in general quite good. We planned to do some more running but we had a small issue in the afternoon with the gearbox and lost a little time, but otherwise a good day.

"We worked on finding a good set-up for the race and understanding how the car behaves in low downforce configuration and also tried out the soft and harder tyres, which seemed to work well for us. It is difficult to say where we are with the new car; Monza is a very special track unlike anywhere else with less grip, but I think it was a good start."



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