The FIA, Formula 1's governing body, has confirmed that the World Motor Sport Council will reconvene in Paris next week, after new evidence surfaced in the on-going spy row.

McLaren escaped punishment backed in July, when the extraordinary meeting of the WMSC ruled that while McLaren was in possession of the confidential Ferrari dossier, there was 'insufficient evidence that it had been used in such a way as to interfere improperly with the FIA Formula 1 World Championship'.

As such no penalty was applied - much to the annoyance of Ferrari.

The FIA warned then though that if in future that information is found to have been used to the detriment of the sport, then they would recall the team to another hearing, where Ron Dennis' team would face the 'possibility of exclusion' from the 2007 - and the 2008 championship.

Although no precise details were given with regard to the 'new evidence', the FIA added that the International Court of Appeal hearing, which was set for the same day, Thursday September 13, will now not take place.

The full FIA statement read:

"Following the receipt of new evidence the World Motor Sport Council has been reconvened for a hearing in Paris on September 13.

"In accordance with its decision of July 26 representatives of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes have been invited to attend the hearing.

"The FIA President's referral of the matter to the International Court of Appeal has been withdrawn."

For the record, the row began after now suspended McLaren chief designer, Mike Coughlan was found to be in possession of the secret Ferrari dossier, which the Scuderia believe he obtained from their former head of performance, Nigel Stepney.

Team McLaren-Mercedes however have always maintained that Coughlan was acting alone and for his own interests and without their knowledge, while Stepney has always denied emphatically being the source of the leak.



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