Mark Webber insists that not being able to run regularly in the top eight of a grand prix is bothering him as much as the lack of reliability Red Bull Racing has found with its Adrian Newey-designed RB3.

Speaking on the eve of the Italian Grand Prix, the Australian admitted that the 2007 had not gone the way he, or anyone at RBR, had been hoping, but explained that the disappointment extended beyond the lack of finishes that he and team-mate David Coulthard had been able to record.

"It's not as painful when you're in good point-scoring positions, because I've had plenty of those in the seasons gone by," he said, "In Turkey, we were not quick enough anyway to get in the points, so that saved me the hard work of driving around for nothing. We did some tests here last week to try and simulate why my failure probably happened in Turkey and it didn't happen again, so that was that reason out of the window, but we're getting more information.

"I'm happy with how I've driven this year. [Qualifying in the top ten] has been enjoyable to an extent, but you can only drive round in that position for so long until you're not really enjoying it as much - your motivation suffers to keep pushing for P11, P10.

"It's so competitive. Giancarlo, Jarno, Renault, Toyota, it's hard [for all of us] to get in the points. That's the way it is now, so there's only one thing you can do about it and that's make a quicker car and be consistent with yourself each weekend to try and get the best job possible. If the car breaks, it's not my job - fortunately - to try and fix those problems, and I think that we should finish off more strongly reliability-wise, which wouldn't be hard.

"The whole team is getting frustrated with it, but all we can do is keep trying to press on and learn from the errors that we've made."



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