GPDA representatives Mark Webber and Jarno Trulli have claimed that Monza still fails to come up to the safety standard the organisation would like to see, but admit that work is being done to improve the Italian venue.

Speaking at the pre-race press conference, Webber confirmed that he still had doubts about the suitability of some areas of the historic circuit, and fears that an accident this weekend could have consequences.

"Monza's always on the edge," the Australian insisted, "We are travelling at high speeds here, no question about it, [but] it's very difficult for us to make progress here because the guys - meaning the FIA and the people here at Monza - have tried their best to slowly chip away with it.

"It's probably the most dangerous first lap that we do, with the run to the second chicane, if not the most dangerous first lap that we do in the season, if it's in dry conditions.

"The first chicane's fine. The second chicane is... every time you go there... I didn't see the run-off until the second day of testing] because I was lucky enough to make the apex most times, but I had a look on one of the in-laps after I finished a run. I actually drove across it and had a look, and the asphalt is not bad, because obviously we've seen that it arrests the car, plus it doesn't trip the car up on the gravel and things like that, which is one of our biggest worries for the second chicane - and Ascari.

"If we spend any time, like we saw with Lewis [Hamilton] at N?rburgring, not really in contact with the gravel, you lose a lot of the ability to arrest the car. Parabolica is also on the edge. If you have a failure, there you can probably go in pretty hard."

Trulli, a hardened safety campaigner, was a little more positive about the work that had been done since last year's race.

"I already expressed my feelings and I feel it's quite positive what Monza circuit has done," he said, "Obviously, as Mark says, we travel at very high speeds here, so it's a little bit an unsafe circuit compared to the others, but this is due only to the speed, not because of the run-off areas. I think Monza has been working very hard every time and now we are definitely happier than last year."



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