Lewis Hamilton has attacked Ferrari's behaviour during the spy row that is again reaching the headlines as their appeal against the original ruling looms.

Hamilton and McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso have done their best to distance themselves from the argument in recent weeks, but with Ferrari claiming they will come to the appeal court armed with new evidence, championship leader Hamilton has questioned Ferrari's tactics at attempting to bring McLaren down.

Indeed, Ferrari were quoted as saying the 'truth will out' in the appeal court and it will see the original ruling, that saw McLaren unpunished when it was decided they didn't benefit from being in possession of secret information, overturned.

However, Hamilton has criticised the lengths Ferrari are going to sully McLaren's reputation, claiming that he doesn't think 'they are the most innocent team' in this situation.

"Ferrari are being portrayed as the most innocent team. I do not think that is the case," he told the BBC. "I do not like what Ferrari are putting our team through. I know my team, and we are being been unfairly treated."

With the court hearing next week, Hamilton would like to send a message to the team in the meantime by beating them on home ground at Monza.

"It would be a great feeling to win in Italy this weekend. Beating Ferrari on their home ground is going to be a huge blow to their team."



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