The new evidence in the Formula 1 spying saga could see one or more of McLaren's drivers implicated in the scandal according to a letter sent by the Max Mosley, the FIA President urging teams to be forthcoming with any relevant information.

Unconfirmed rumours have surfaced in the paddock at Monza suggesting the new evidence that Ferrari are to present at reconvening of the World Sport Council next week is an e-mail between test driver Pedro de la Rosa and Fernando Alonso referring to Ferrari's set-up of their car

This was reportedly following a conversation between de la Rosa and Mike Coughlan, who was earlier this year suspended after being found in possession of secret Ferrari documents.

Although McLaren were cleared during a hearing in July, Ferrari claimed they were going back to the appeal court but with this new evidence. Instead, the World Motorsport Council will come together again to hear a case against McLaren.

In the meantime, Mosley has sent a letter to all the teams seeking any additional information, claiming they would like any evidence that suggests one or more McLaren driver had been leaked information from Ferrari.

"As you will be aware, the FIA has recently investigated whether, how and to what extent McLaren was in possession of confidential Ferrari technical information," the letter said according to Reuters.

"The FIA has subsequently been made aware of an allegation that one or more McLaren drivers may be in possession, or that such drivers have recently been in possession, of written evidence relevant to this investigation.

"In the interests of the sport and the championship, it is important that the FIA, as the regulator, establish unequivocally and rapidly whether or not this allegation has any basis in fact."

This new twist in the scandal is likely to cause ructions through the Formula 1 paddock this weekend, particularly as the nature of the evidence it could prompt a harsher penalty, possibly a ban, on McLaren and their drivers if the implications in Mosley's letter turn out to be true.

The team have always denied they knew nothing about the Ferrari dossier that came into the possession of Mike Coughlan, something the original hearing agreed with, prompting the decision not to penalise either the team or the drivers. This new evidence could overturn this.

"In particular .... the FIA wishes to receive copies of any electronic communications howsoever conveyed or stored which may be relevant to this case, and which make reference to Ferrari, Nigel Stepney or any technical or other information coming from, or connected with, either Ferrari or Mr Stepney," the letter added.

"You will appreciate that there is a duty on all of those involved in our sport to ensure the fairness and legitimacy of the Formula One world championship."

Hamilton, Alonso and de la Rosa are thought to have been sent separate letters by the FIA.



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