Dismayed that further details pertaining to the ongoing 'spygate' story have appeared in the media, McLaren has said that it will no longer be discussing the matter, even if it wants to.

In a statement issued in the wake of stories claiming that e-mails between its drivers could be the source of new evidence in the case, the Woking team has said that it has been advised to keep its counsel until next week's appearance in front of the World Motor Sport Council.

"We understand that information has again been leaked into the media and, consequently, there is a desire for us to address the issues that relate to the meeting of the World Motorsport Council on Thursday 13 September 2007, where we intend to make a strong set of submissions," the team said.

"However, our lawyers have advised us that, as the case will be heard by the World Motor Sport Council on Thursday of next week, this is the appropriate forum for the matter to be discussed, and that the team and our drivers should make no further comment. We kindly ask the media to understand this position."

Unconfirmed rumours surfaced in the paddock at Monza suggesting that Ferrari is planning to present evidence - based on an e-mail between test driver Pedro de la Rosa and double world champion Fernando Alonso - referring to the set-up of its F2007, suggesting that the reserve had knowledge of the car. How Ferrari came to be in possession of what is ostensibly private correspondence between two McLaren employees remains to be shown.



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