Formula 1 ringmaster, Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that the Japanese Grand Prix will alternate between Fuji Speedway and Suzuka from 2009.

Fuji has taken over as the venue for the Japanese Grand Prix this season and will also host the event in 2008, before the two start rotating from 2009.

"We have concluded an agreement on the alternation of the Formula 1 Japanese GP between Fuji Speedway and Suzuka circuit, to ensure the progress and success of keeping Formula 1 in Japan over the long term," said Ecclestone in an official release issued by FOM [Formula 1 Management].

"I appreciate that Fuji Speedway accepted this and am very happy that Fuji Speedway and Suzuka circuit made this possible. It also makes me very pleased that we will retain Suzuka as it has supported Formula One for 20 years and the large amount of our fans."

Since Suzuka lost the rights to hold the Japanese Grand Prix there had been speculation that the track would return, possibly under the 'Pacific Grand Prix' banner, however this deal means that will now not happen.

A statement from Fuji Speedway added that after an 'extensive review' they agree with FOM that this is a good way forward.

"Fuji International Speedway Co. Ltd and Formula 1 Administration Limited have agreed that Fuji Speedway will host the Japanese Grand Prix again in 2008, and from 2009 on, Suzuka Circuit and Fuji Speedway will alternate and host the Japanese Grand Prix every other year," read a separate release to the media.

"The process started with FOA suggesting to Fuji Speedway that hosting the F1 Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji Speedway in the east of Japan and Suzuka Circuit in the west of Japan every alternating year would be a good strategy not only welcomed by Japanese fans, but fans all over the world as well.

"As a result of an extensive review of the matter, Fuji Speedway accepted FOA's proposal on basis that it coincides with Fuji Speedway's goal to further expand the horizon of F1, continue in helping promote the advancement of Japan's motor sport scene, and uphold the trend of one country hosting one grand prix a year."

Fuji meanwhile will host the Japanese GP for the first time since 1977 at the end of this month, with the race taking place on September 30.



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