Britain's Lewis Hamilton has insisted that he is not 'particularly' feeling the pressure of being hunted down by his team-mate, Fernando Alonso, even though he saw his championship lead cut by another two points on Sunday.

Hamilton now leads the drivers' championship by only three points and while that might worry some people, Lewis remains upbeat and optimistic that he can still get the job done, even though Fernando definitely had the edge this weekend at Monza.

"I'm not particularly feeling the pressure. Aside from the point that Fernando has done a fantastic job in the last two races, I have had a couple of unfortunate mishaps with my tyres and this weekend he has had the pace on me, but the last race I was quicker all weekend. So, each race is a little bit different.

"The last two races he has finished ahead of me. But I think if you look back to the beginning of the season, if I had said we were to be equal in out-qualifying each other and finishing ahead of one another, I would have said 'get out of here!' I am not worried about it.

"I have been in many situations like this before and there are still four races to go and the fight is still on," he continued.

As for his race, the only 'scare' came late on when he opted to pit slightly earlier when he had a problem with his tyres.

That dropped him behind Kimi Raikkonen and down to third, but Lewis soon passed the Finn and eventually finished around 20 seconds in front.

"Obviously I didn't get the best getaway [at the start] and Felipe [Massa] managed to shoot past me. I outbraked both him and Fernando into Turn One, and I almost thought I was going to get past, but then Felipe clipped me and sent me over the second chicane," he noted.

"I was suffering vibrations on my tyres in the first stint, so I opted to pit earlier to play it safe.

"Once we knew that Kimi was on a one-stop strategy it was key to really optimise my second stop. Unfortunately I came out behind him, but I knew I was faster on the new tyres, if only for a couple of laps, and so I just took the opportunity when I caught him up.

"It was really important for me to get that place back, not only for my position in the championship, but also for all the team.

"We had the 1-2 in qualifying yesterday, and to maintain this in the race was the icing on the cake. They have all done a fantastic job."

Away from the track McLaren will appear before the World Motor Sport Council again on Thursday and while the spy saga could have serious implications for the Woking-based team, Hamilton believes everything will turn out OK.

"I am pretty confident. I am not worried about it. I just have a lot of belief in the team and I have no worries whatsoever. We shall see the championship go down to the wire, I am sure and perhaps in the last race you will see who comes out first," he summed-up.



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