Nick Heidfeld has set his sights on reaching the 'magic' 100 point marker for BMW after edging closer to it in the Italian Grand Prix with another strong fourth place finish.

The seventh time this season that Heidfeld has broken into the 'top four' stronghold, the German this time benefited from Felipe Massa's reliability woes to be promoted into the upper echelons of the results.

Together with team-mate Robert Kubica finishing just behind in fifth position, it combines to place BMW on 86 points in the constructor standings and leaves them poised to surpass the ton before the end of the season.

It is a landmark that Heidfeld claims he will be proud to achieve in what remains just BMW's second season as a fully fledged Formula 1 manufacturer.

"We can start thinking about reaching the magic 100 constructors' points, which would be a great success in what is only our second season."

"My start, as such, wasn't bad, although Kimi's was even better. Before the first corner it was very busy in front of me, and in the second corner I was on the outside line and lost a position to Kimi there. Anyway, this would have happened sooner or later, because he only stopped once.

"The early safety car period helped all those who were on a one stop strategy or wanted to pit late. Part of our strategy was to gain advantage over the one-stoppers or late-stoppers during the first stint. This obviously didn't work out because of the safety car. Besides this, I had a very good race with perfect pit stops."

Although Kubica finished solidly in fifth, it was not before having to fight his way back up following a disastrous pit stop when a jack failure meant the mechanics could not get his car up to change the tyres. Nonetheless, the Pole hunted down and cleanly passed Nico Rosberg to take back the position and secure four points.

"The race was okay for me. In the first laps when the car was lighter we were really quick, but I think we could have had a better performance when the car was heavy, so perhaps this is something we have to work on.

"For the pit stop I didn't arrive straight so the car slid down from the jack when the guys were changing the tyres. Then after the stop we couldn't get the jack out from under the front wing, so it cost me a lot of time, but fortunately in the end it didn't change anything for the team. After that first stop I was behind Heikki Kovalainen and it was not possible to stay closer than six or seven tenths, as any closer than that and I was losing downforce.

"After the second stop I was in front of him and then I had to get by Nico Rosberg. I had new tyres and a pretty light car, while because of his one stop strategy he was on old tyres, so I went very quickly out of Parabolica, which was not easy after you spend so much time behind someone. However, I braked much later and was able to get by."



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