The Ferrari team is confident that it will have a better chance of beating arch-rival McLaren over the final four rounds of the 2007 season than it did on home soil at Monza at the weekend.

Despite still believing that it could get a leg-up from the sport's governing body in Thursday's 'spygate' hearing - even to the point where its two drivers, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen, are left alone to fight for the title - the Scuderia feels that the remaining four venues on the schedule - Spa, Shanghai, Fuji and Interlagos - should favour the F2007 more than Monza.

"Definitely we have not been competitive this year on circuits where you need a lot of mechanical grip and where you have some important kerbs like Indianapolis and Montreal," team boss Jean Todt admitted, "The worst circuits this year have been Monte Carlo, Canada, Budapest - in qualifying - and Monza. There is a question mark about Fuji because we have not been there, but we feel [confident about] Spa, Shanghai and Brazil. There is no evidence that we couldn't be competitive."

Although determined to take the espionage case through to the bitter end, Todt also admitted that McLaren has been a tough opponent.

"It's enough to see the classification, since the beginning of the season, the lap times," he explained, "Sometimes they have been better than us, like [Sunday], and sometimes we have been better than them. Since the beginning of the weekend, they have been more competitive. And more reliable."



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