BMW Sauber's Nick Heidfeld has said that he is 'happy' Formula 1 will return to Belgium this coming weekend, after the event was left off the calendar in 2006 while it underwent a revamp.

Like virtually all the drivers' Nick is a big fan of Spa-Francorchamps and unlike most of his colleagues, the German didn't test at the track in July, so his outing this coming weekend will be his first on the circuit since the changes, which include the removal of the old bus stop chicance, as well as a new pit lane entrance and pit buildings themselves.

"I am happy Spa is back on the calendar," he confirmed. "I didn't attend the test in July so for me the last time I was there was in 2004 - and those days I was in a car which wasn't competitive at all. It will be different this time.

"Although Spa isn't too far from my home town of M?nchengladbach, I didn't race there very often. The circuit wasn't on the Formula Ford and Formula 3 calendar when I was racing, and I had to miss the 2005 Formula 1 race after I injured myself in a bicycle accident.

"Spa is a very beautiful circuit though with some very special parts. The combination of turns that make up Eau Rouge through the depression is world famous, and for spectators it is a must."

BMW Sauber team boss, Mario Theissen meanwhile agrees that Formula 1 just isn't the same without Spa.

"We are happy that this type circuit, with its unique demands, found its way back on the F1 calendar. Here the track follows the landscape and not vice versa," he continued.

"Since being adapted, the notorious Eau Rouge curves will be driven on full throttle in dry conditions. Therefore, Spa has the longest full throttle distance of the entire season.

"As the track goes uphill at this part of the circuit, engine power and reliability are highly in demand. In the past, unpredictable weather changes in the Ardennes were the reason for extremely thrilling races. The uphill sections require strong engine performance," he summed-up.



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