Lewis Hamilton and Pedro de la Rosa have attended the hearing at the World Motor Sport Council ahead of the potential resolving of the ongoing spy saga, although Fernando Alonso has not made his presence felt.

Hamilton and McLaren's title hopes are on the line ahead of a hearing that could well see the team expelled from the championship should the most extreme punishment be adopted, but as Hamilton turned up in Paris to act as a potential character witness for team boss Ron Dennis, he was confident they would be exonerated.

"We work together as a team. I am relaxed and confident about today," Hamilton told reporters waiting outside the FIA headquaters.

Also in attendance was de la Rosa, who is rumoured to be at the centre of new evidence that Ferrari are to present to the council, but not Alonso, the other party in the McLaren team that was written to individually urging for more information on the series of events.

On the Ferrari side, former technical director Ross Brawn, currently taking a sabbatical from the sport, made a surprise appearance. Brawn worked closely with the ousted Nigel Stepney during his time working with Ferrari.

McLaren have been threatened with expulsion if new damning evidence came to light, with several corners of the media suggesting e-mails and text messages between Stepney and former McLaren engineer Mike Coughlan, as well as Alonso and de la Rosa could be revealed.



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