Felipe Massa has reiterated that he believes his title hopes are all but over following his early retirement in the Italian Grand Prix, although he insists it won't change his approach to the remaining races this season.

Massa has slipped 23 points behind championship leader Lewis Hamilton following a mechanical problem at Monza whilst he was running third and although 40 points are still up for grabs over the course of the final four races, the Brazilian believes he has got too much to do to recoup the advantage.

Indeed, only reliability problems for McLaren now would give him a hope of getting back in touch, but with Hamilton and Fernando Alonso having finished each race this season, Massa admits he is feeling resigned.

"I have nothing much more to say about what happened in Monza, except to repeat how disappointed I was. To do just a handful of laps in Ferrari's home grand prix and at such a critical stage in the championship was not a good feeling.

"Impossible is not a word I like to use, but in terms of the Drivers' championship, if it is not impossible for me to win it, it is certainly looking very difficult indeed. I never give up and I will keep trying but making up a difference of 23 points to Hamilton would not be easy.

Heading to Spa-Francorchamps for the final European round of the season, Massa nonetheless claims he won't be altering his aspirations for the end of the season and has set his sights on completing it on a high - if not the ultimate high of winning a title.

"If the championship now only seems a remote possibility I don't think it will change my approach to the races that are still left. It is not as though I will find it easier to race hard if I tell myself there is nothing to lose, because this season, I have won races when I have been under a lot of pressure, so being relaxed is not something that would make a difference.

"Between now and the end of the year, I just want to get as many victories as possible all the way to the last race."



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