Mercedes-Benz vice president, Norbert Haug has said that Team McLaren-Mercedes has been left in 'extreme shock' following the spy ruling by the FIA World Motor Sport Council today.

The FIA has opted to give Ron Dennis' team a record $100 million fine, while also stripping it of all constructors' points.

In a brief statement to the media, Haug added that they will now 'fight with all their resolve' in order to give a proper response on the track this weekend at the Belgian Grand Prix, the 14th and final European round in the 2007 FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

Haug's full comment read:

"This judgment comes as an extreme shock for all team members and, as demonstrated by the reactions of large parts of the public, the media and Formula 1 viewers, is a shock for large segments of the public as well," he noted.

"We will now fight with all our resolve in order to give a proper response on the circuit, as we last did in Monza, and to get justice before the court."



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