Former Formula 1 World Champion Jackie Stewart has become the first to deliver his opinion about the World Motor Sport Council ruling against McLaren, the Scot himself shocked at the magnitude of the punishment.

The three-time champion speculates that there is more involved than is probably being made public at this moment, but at the same time admits McLaren will have had to have made a substantial crime to warrant the punishment.

McLaren were landed with a $100 million fine and stripped of their constructor points after Ferrari presented new evidence that linked the team with 'spying'.

It was evidence that the FIA were clearly convinced by and the WMSC duly handed out one of the harshest penalties seen in sport.

"All I can say, without being in full command of all of the information, is that the offence must be considerably larger than has been projected either by the governing body of the sport or within the media," Stewart told BBC Radio 5live soon after the ruling.

"This isn't murder that has been carried out, this is something that has happened before and there wasn't even a fine or disciplinary action taken by the same governing body. There is something very strange going on, there is no doubt about that.

"From what information we have been given so far, this does not constitute a penalty of this scale with regards to the crime that has been carried out. And even if they were found guilty of that particular crime, it doesn't justify this kind of penalty."



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