Toro Rosso co-owner - and former McLaren and Ferrari driver - Gerhard Berger has predicted that McLaren will remain as strong as ever despite that huge penalties handed down by the FIA into the Formula 1 spying.

The team was hit with a $100 million fine by the governing body and was excluded from the constructors' championship after a second hearing of the World Motorsport Council in Paris surrounding the case - which revolved around confidential Ferrari documentation being found in the possession of McLaren chief designer Mike Coughlan.

However, Berger predicted that the team will bounce back, despite the severity of the punishment handed down.

"It's a huge hit, no question," he told BBC Five Live, "but you have to look at it in relation to the total budget of a big team. If you fine someone, you have to do it in a way that hurts - otherwise it isn't a fine. It is a significant number, even for a big team so it won't be easily forgotten.

"I don't know if it will affect them. It will obviously affect the bank account but the team is strong enough to handle the situation and will be as competitive as they have always been."



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