Former team owner Eddie Jordan has admitted that the financial penalty imposed on the McLaren team by the FIA will go far beyond the $100 million announced following the World Motorsport Council meeting in Paris - and would have bankrupted a number of teams in the sport.

The team was given the huge penalty after a second hearing into the spygate affair, with the Mercedes-powered outfit also being excluded from the constructors' championship for this current season.

And Jordan was quick to point out that that exclusion will bring its own financial implications.

"$100 million is a major hit and if it had been Jordan, or any team currently in Formula 1 outside McLaren or Ferrari they would be bankrupt," he told the BBC show Newsnight. "I think that was taken on board and it was a severe action - but it isn't just the 100 million as they are also losing constructor money from 2007. That in turn also leads to confusion as the drivers are paid on constructor points, so how it all unfolds remains to be seen."

Jordan added that he believed there were a number of reasons why drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso were being allowed to keep their points - with a key aspect being the desire not to drive away the fans who have been brought back into the sport his season.

"I think the media, or the tabloid media in particular, would have killed the FIA had they taken away the jewel in the crown, the championship fight that has brought people back into the sport," he said. "Hamilton is the darling, not just here in Britain, but world wide as everyone wants to see this great rookie.

"I think it was plea bargain made clear by the FIA - they did not want the drivers interfered with so gave them immunity if they gave evidence."