Honda team principal Nick Fry has revealed that wile he was willing to co-operate with the World Motor Sport Council hearing in Paris, his input was not deemed to be of use to the investigation into the spy scandal engulfing McLaren and Ferrari.

Prior to the initial inquest into the passing of secrets between Nigel Stepney and Mike Coughlan, Fry revealed that both men had met with him to discuss potential employment opportunities - although he stressed that there had been no mention of access to information from the Scuderia. However, despite informing both the FIA and McLaren that he could be of use to the investigation, Fry revealed on Friday that he had not been involved in the case built by the WMSC.

"The documentation from our contact with Stepney and Coughlan was offered to the teams involved and the FIA," he told an official press conference at Spa-Francorchamps, "The FIA's response was a very nice letter from Max [Mosley] saying that he didn't really think it was really relevant.

"The information was provided by me on personal request by Ron Dennis and it wasn't used at all, or mentioned. And I can only assume it wasn't because it had no relevance.

"As we have always said, they were perfectly ordinary interviews and nothing inappropriate was either offered or said. So, on the pure facts, I can only say nothing was asked for, nothing was offered or proposed. I can only guess, like you. I think it probably would have been very nice having a lot of documentation in the upstairs bedrooms, so you could come to a new team and become a hero. If we would have known that information was there, though, we would have taken the appropriate action. And certainly we would not countenance anything like that in our team."



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