FIA president Max Mosley has attacked critics of the punishment meted out against Mclaren in the espionage affair, claiming that may be the penalty did not go far enough.

Speaking to reporters in the paddock at Spa-Francorchamps. Mosley said that, on reflection, perhaps the World Motor Sport Council could have come down harder on the Woking team after it was found guilty of using confidential data from rival Ferrari.

"It is a very modest penalty indeed - it is absurd to say it is unfair or disproportionate," Mosley was quoted by Reuters, "They are extremely lucky that we didn't quite simply say 'you have polluted the championship in 2007, you have probably polluted it in 2008, so you had better stay out of the championship until 2009 - if you are still around'.

"When history looks back at this, maybe that is what we are reproached with, not with doing too much, but with maybe doing too little."

Asked where the fine would go, Mosley said half of the $100 million would be distributed to other teams, while the FIA planned to use the remainder to encourage young drivers.



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