Felipe Massa claims a tyre lock-up on the final corner of his fastest lap made the 17 hundredths difference between himself and pole sitter Kimi Raikkonen in qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.

With Massa choosing a set-up on his Ferrari that favoured the twisty middle sector, the Brazilian recouped the advantage he lost to Raikkonen through the first sector in the second one, leaving the pair neck and neck heading into the third and final section of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

However a lock-up into the Bus Stop chicane scrubbed hundredths off his fastest time, enough, he claims, to ruin his chances of snatching pole position from under his team-mate's nose.

Nevertheless, Massa was otherwise pleased to be a part of only the second all-Ferrari front row of the season and is confident he can challenge for victory in the race.

"It was a good qualifying. My second quick lap in Q3 was perfect right up to the final corner, where I locked my wheels and might have lost just enough time to cost me pole. But second place is a good one to start from for the race. I hope to have a good race tomorrow.

"Here, we are back to being competitive at the highest level and we have a package that can allow us to fight for the win."



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