Fernando Alonso insists he expects nothing less than total support from the McLaren team in his quest for the drivers' title, despite a series of revelations in recent day that have chartered his involvement in the spying scandal on the way to last week's landmark punishment.

An e-mail exchange between Alonso and test driver Pedro de la Rosa was key to the evidence that saw McLaren slapped with a $100 million fine and being stripped of all their constructor points.

However, with the relationship between Alonso and Ron Dennis thought to be more strained than ever, Alonso is not worried his antics, which reportedly saw him threaten the team principal in Hungary that he would present his evidence to the FIA himself, will see him lose the support of the McLaren squad.

"I am not concerned, I am fully convinced and totally happy with the team's behaviour in this situation. They always said that they will do the best they can to win races and to help both drivers to win races and championships. That is the way it is going now, so I am not concerned."

Alonso is even confident that nothing in the team will change over the remainder of the season, even if he is continuing to be coy over his future.

"Nothing for me and for the team I don't think that many things changed. We are all here in the race preparing for qualifying and the strategy for tomorrow. Everybody is very focused in the race weekend and we try to win this one as we try to win every race. I didn't feel any change."



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