The FIA has, as promised, published complete transcripts of the two World Motor Sport Council hearings into the espionage affair involving McLaren and Ferrari, providing extra information on one of the more extraordinary cases to have affected Formula One history.

The documents, at 81 and 115 pages long respectively, detail the presentations and questioning at both the initial 26 July hearing, at which McLaren was found guilty of possessing the Ferrari technical dossier but not penalised, and the more recent 13 September hearing, at which new evidence was presented that led to the Woking team being stripped of its constructors' championship points and fined $100 million.

The transcripts were first sent to Ferrari and McLaren to afford them the opportunity to redact any confidential financial or technical information, but have not been amended by the FIA in any way.

To read the full goings-on in Paris, simply click HERE



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