BMW Sauber's Nick Heidfeld has said that he is looking forward to the Japanese Grand Prix next weekend and going to Fuji for the very first time.

Heidfeld has enjoyed a strong season to date and has been in the points more often than not, including taking seven top six finishes in succession since the French Grand Prix back in July.

Now the German will be eager to continue that run and while Fuji will be new territory as the circus hasn't been to the venue since 1977, that's not something that especially bothers Nick, in fact he thinks it will be rather refreshing.

"I've never been to Fuji and am always pleased to see a new circuit appear on the calendar. I'm really looking forward to driving the circuit," he noted.

"A new circuit presents the drivers and engineers' with some interesting challenges and - even in our ever-changing sport - provides an extra dose of variety, as all of us first have to find our bearings in the new surroundings."

Despite his enthusiasm for Fuji though, Nick is delighted that the track will alternate with Suzuka from 2009: "Suzuka [the normal home of the Japanese GP] is my favourite race track, so I'm pleased that the two circuits will take turns in hosting the GP from 2009," he added.

Robert Kubica meanwhile echoed the sentiments of his team-mate and he too believes that Fuji will be a good addition to the Formula 1 calendar. He also reckons that the F1.07 will go well there.

"I don't know the Fuji track as a driver, just a bit from games when I was younger. However, I think it has changed a bit," he noted.

"We have to see how the track is but I think it is going to be good going there because the Japanese fans are very enthusiastic. They really like to stay and watch the racing cars so I think we will have a lot of people there.

"I think our car this year is behaving similar in all kinds of tracks so it is not like last year when we were better in low downforce tracks. This year it is more consistent so I think we can achieve what we are achieving everywhere," he summed-up.



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