Spyker F1 team principal and managing director, Colin Kolles has confirmed that the sale of the team to Vijay Mallya and Michiel Mol should be completed within the next few days.

News that the sale to Mallya and Mol, for a rumoured 88 million Euros had gone through in principle, was confirmed on Friday last week and now it appears that the last few details will be finalised this coming weekend at the Japanese Grand Prix.

"We are now in the process of due diligence to complete the sale of the team from Spyker Cars N.V to a new consortium involving Michiel Mol and Vijay Mallya," Kolles explained.

"This deal has been agreed in principle and will be finalised on 29 September. Basically with this we expect a new step on the financial side with increased stability."

As for the progress made at the Silverstone-based outfit, Kolles added that everything is very positive at the moment.

"We are now seeing the results of three years of hard work to give the team a stable basis," he continued. "When the Jordan era ended the team was not in the best state, so it took a bit of time to restore the team's confidence, bring in new people and put in place certain procedures and strategies.

"I think we have now managed to stabilise the team and to put in systems for the engineers to be able to improve the car. We are now working 24 hours a day in the wind tunnel, our own tunnel has been upgraded with the latest technology to a 50 per cent tunnel and with these facilities we can really move on.

"Mike Gascoyne has brought a lot of knowledge to the team and to have one experienced leader counts a lot. I am pleased with how everything has progressed this year."



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