Felipe Massa believes that McLaren's decision not to appeal against the spy ruling made by the FIA World Motor Sport Council 'reinforces' the notion that Ron Dennis' team did do something wrong.

Speaking ahead of this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix, the Brazilian added that the Scuderia's success this year in winning the constructors' championship has by no means been devalued by McLaren's exclusion.

"The news that McLaren has not appealed against the World Council decision means that once again Ferrari has won the Constructors' title. It is a good thing for our team. My personal feeling is that the others probably realised it would not be a good idea to appeal," noted Felipe.

"Usually, in any sport, if you do something wrong you have to pay the penalty and I think the decision that they did do something wrong is reinforced as being correct exactly by the fact they did not appeal.

"Ask me if it is a fair punishment, if it is enough, then that is difficult to say, but at least they are paying for their mistakes. If we have won the championship because another team has not followed the rules, then we can say that at least we did follow those rules and we won. I feel the whole team deserves this for the job they have done so far this year.

"As part of the Scuderia, I am pleased with this result, even if it would have been better to win in a different way, but the final outcome is another Constructors' title. The team, at the track and in the factory, has done a fantastic job, fighting hard all through the year and so they deserve this success."

As for this coming weekend, Massa noted that his focus is on helping the team. Indeed he seemed to imply that he is prepared to play second fiddle to team-mate, Kimi Raikkonen, who is in a better position to challenge McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in the drivers' championship.

"We have three races to go and in those the key thing we must try to do is beat McLaren. As usual, I will do my best to get the better result for the team. In Ferrari, our main priority is the interest of the team," he continued.

"The Japanese will be a new adventure for all of us with a new venue and a new track layout. Like most of the other drivers I guess, I have been using the simulator we have in the factory to learn the Fuji track. I spent the whole day there last Tuesday. At least now I know where the corners are and I also got a feel for the track and its character in general.

"This means that when practice starts on Friday, I will be more familiar with the circuit and at least I will know which way the corners go! I think that was a very useful day's work.

"At Ferrari we are still developing our simulator a lot, as we are not where we want to be with it yet. We are working very hard to improve this, but it will take a bit more time to get it operating at the highest level.

"But, in a situation like this coming weekend, where you don't know the track at all, it is still a very useful tool."



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