Takuma Sato has said that he would welcome the addition of a few more races per year, if the powers that be decide to expand the FIA Formula 1 World Championship schedule.

Sato was asked about the 'ideal' number of races per season during the official pre-Japanese Grand Prix FIA press conference on Thursday and along with the other driver's there he noted that he would have no objection to doing more grand's prix.

The Super Aguri man did warn though that the impact this would have on term personnel would have to be factored in.

"From a pure drivers' point of view I think many races are great. More races are very good," he stated. "But in terms of logistics - mechanics, engineers, all of the families back at home - it's probably a bit more difficult with more races.

"However as long as we keep the spring to autumn season, extra races are more than welcome."

Taku's sentiments were echoed by Rubens Barrichello and Ralf Schumacher. Indeed Rubens believes that the current race-test balance is a lot better than it was a few years ago.

"I think that two years ago we were doing far too many miles in testing, and right now I feel that it's a good combination," he explained

"If we have a couple more races, I don't think that it's such a problem for the drivers - it's actually better because we're going to be doing what we like more, which is racing. So 18, 20 races - it doesn't really change much for us, depending on where the races are.

"It's more challenging for the packaging and the mechanics to do more races, but less testing is fine."

"I think the number [of races] we have next year - one more - isn't too bad considering the workload the team has and the mechanics have and all of the travelling," Ralf added.

"I think we are more limited by that unless we extend the season and shorten the tests. But I feel quite happy with the races we do."



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