Despite the apparent breakdown in his relationship with team boss Ron Dennis, Fernando Alonso says he sees no reason why he should leave McLaren at the end of the current Formula 1 season.

The pair haven't been on speaking terms since the Hugarian Grand Prix, when Alonso was given a penalty for blocking team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the pit-lane and the team was prevented from scoring any manufacturer championship points.

However, despite rumours linking him with a move back to Renault, or possibly even to Ferrari, Alonso said he had no plans to be racing elsewhere for the 2008 campaign.

"For next year I have a contract with this team and I don't see any problem," he told the BBC. "I have won four races and I'm fighting for the championship so everything is going quite well and I'm happy."

Indeed, Alonso added that he continues to have a good relationship with the team around him despite the furore surrounding the F1 spying scandal when his e-mail evidence proved to be key in the case against the McLaren squad.

"I have been working with the engineers, the mechanics, with everybody from the start of the season, until now with the same relationship," he said. "They are all very professional, very focused on doing the best we can and we are achieving good results."

Alonso also refused to comment on questions regarding the spying scandal and the hearing in Paris - which he didn't attend - stating instead that he wanted to let his driving do the talking.

"About the spying, I have nothing to say," he said. "I will try to speak on the track and try to do my job. I really think that many of the things that have been said about the spying and about me are totally wrong and not the truth.

"But these things happen and I will not answer every day what they have been saying about me, I will not lose time on that. I cannot be every day and every week answering rumours telling my version of the truth to anyone.

"So at the moment, I am completely focused on the last three races and that is the truth."



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