Aguri Suzuki has said that it is hard to make any decisions about the future of his Formula One team whilst the new version of the Concorde Agreement remains unsigned.

Although he played down speculation that he was looking to off-load the operation, Suzuki admitted that he was having to wait for definitions on items such as the controversial customer car situation before he could move forward.

"Now it's very difficult to talk about this matter because the Concorde Agreement is not decided," he told Friday's press conference at Fuji, "After it's decided, we can discuss the future. I have some ideas, [but] I don't know if there will be a decision soon. We are already meeting seven or eight times during this year [and] there are still some points on which we are not agreeing. There are some points we are agreeing [on], but I don't know when this agreement will be done."

Current 'partner' Honda has revealed that it would be happy to continue its relationship with Super Aguri F1, but agreed that there could be no formal decisions taken until the teams signed off on the document that governs the sport.

"I don't think we have any firm agreement yet, because we haven't signed... or, rather, we haven't seen next year's Concorde Agreement yet," Yasuhiro Wada commented, "I think discussion is still somehow going on and, hopefully, we can resolve this discussion quite soon.

"As we did this year, we shall supply the engine and gearbox and, beyond that, any technical support. It depends on the circumstances, [but] we would like to support [Super Aguri] as much as we can. It's up to him. I think that there are several discussions around the so-called customer teams. One is the definition of the constructors and another discussion revolves around customer cars and how to share the money from FOM. Those are two different discussions that are moving simultaneously, so it depends on the result.

"I hope he can continue to do his racing team. It depends on what is decided, but I'm sure it won't take too long. There's a lot of discussion over the date, [but] I think we are very close in finalising a Concorde [Agreement], whatever shape it will be. In the days of the GPMA, we spent a lot of hours and days talking about the many aspects of the Concorde Agreement, not just commercial matters and the definition of a constructor, but there were a lot of subjects to be discussed and renewed and re-confirmed."

Suzuki again confirmed that he was keen to retain the services of Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson for 2008, but admitted that a lot hinged on both the settlement of the Concorde Agreement and sourcing sufficient sponsorship.

"It's not decided but, right now, we're talking about some things," he confirmed, "I'm very happy for Taku and Anthony to continue to drive for our team, but it's not decided yet.

"The money side is very difficult and it can be very difficult to find a sponsor. It's not only discussions with sponsors, but with partners as well. I don't want to sell my team, so I need some very good partners. Right now, Honda is helping my team but, on the money side and the technical side, there are more reasons to be talking to some partners."



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