Lewis Hamilton believes that McLaren would prefer he took the Formula 1 drivers' title this season, rather than his team-mate, Fernando Alonso.

Hamilton has shined during his debut year at the pinnacle of the sport and while Alonso's loyalty to the team has been questionable at best, particularly during the recent spy row, Lewis' commitment has been steadfast.

"When you are in a relationship with a certain amount of people, you do the best job you can and you want to show to everyone that you are the one for the team," the Englishman told Reuters ahead of this Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix.

"In this situation, I was a rookie and he was the two-time world champion coming into the team. He is the one that was looked at to bring it home, but eventually I have earned more respect from them.

"And since what's gone on in the last few weeks they've realised who the real people are in the team and who they really should back. I feel my bond with the team is even stronger."

Hamilton also added that Alonso has gone down in his esteem this season, especially as the Spaniard has been critical about not having been given outright number one status.

"He is not the person I imagined him to be, but that's the way it is," Lewis continued.

"I want to win it fair and square. Not once have I approached the team members and asked to be favoured. It is just not something I have done at any team, asking for better equipment. I want to win it the right way.

"The best feeling ever is when you know you have won and you have beaten someone as talented as he is with the exact same equipment and exactly the same opportunity," he concluded.



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