Toyota's Tadashi Yamashina has insisted that the decision over drivers for next season is not hinging on whether or not Fernando Alonso leaves McLaren, but refused to give a date when the line-up would be settled.

Speaking at Friday's Japanese Grand Prix press conference, Yamashina admitted that no decision had been taken over the futures of Jarno Trulli and Ralf Schumacher, despite speculation about the position of both at the Cologne-based team has been rife for much of the season.

"So far, the team has asked me not to say anything about that in case I mentioned something," he smiled, "So far, nothing is decided but, of course, my ideas and other team members' ideas must be combined. For example, Japanese journalists have strongly asked me to utilise Kazuki Nakajima or other Japanese drivers, but I'm still thinking about that. Of course, Ralf is one of the candidates, [but] I must look at every possibility."

Misunderstanding a question relating to Alonso's influence on the driver market, Hamashina admitted that he did not know whether the Spaniard would consider Toyota.

"I don't know if Fernando Alonso will come to Toyota or not," he said, "If he wants, I must think about that. We must think about our team only, but if Toyota will be involved in that process, we must be happy. Sometimes, we are omitted because the current car performance is not so good. Anyway, we must think about ourselves first."

No mention was made of Felipe Massa's visit to the Toyota motorhome at Spa, or of the Brazilian's pre-Fuji comments that he would be staying at Ferrari in 2008.



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