Red Bull Racing are looking to close the gap on Williams in the team standings after Mark Webber once again hauled the team in the top ten at a wet and rainy Fuji Speedway for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Maintaining his impressive qualifying reputation, even in tricky conditions, it is the tenth time this season that Webber has qualified for the shootout and once there he managed to secure eighth on the grid.

That will become seventh when Nico Rosberg ahead is dropped ten places on the grid, an action that Red Bull hope will give them the chance to recuperate some of the ten points they are behind rivals Williams in the standings.

"That was a pretty good session for us. It would have been nice to be a bit further up on the grid, but at least we're in the top ten, I don't think we could have got much more from the car. The conditions weren't great out there, but it was the same for everyone and I'm looking forward to the race tomorrow."

Team-mate David Coulthard will start 12th meanwhile after getting caught out in the drizzle at the end of the second knockout phase and failing to improve his time. Perhaps more worryingly for the Scot though is the fact that he was again somewhat off Webber's pace.

"The conditions were very inconsistent through the first session - but, of course, it was the same for everyone. There was some light drizzle, so you had to try and get clear track at the prime moment for your tyres, which tended to be the second lap.

"Even a light amount of rain creates a lot of spray on the track, so if there's traffic you don't see the braking zone until about 200 yards from the end of the first straight. I had a lot of under steer for my final timed run and the car was performing badly under braking."



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