Nico Rosberg and Alex Wurz have cautiously questioned the wisdom to race in the Japanese Grand Prix after a day to forget for the Williams team.

Both running towards the back of the field, Rosberg and Wurz received the worst of the wall of spray that was forcing the early part of the race to be run under safety car conditions as rain swept across the Fuji Speedway.

Indeed, both claim it to be the worst conditions they have raced in, although their retirements did not come about through fault of their own; Wurz being tagged into a spin as the race got underway and clipping the side of Felipe Massa as he came back across the circuit, while Rosberg suffered a myriad of electrical problems.

Rosberg claims the combination of the conditions and a car that was 'impossible to drive' made it one of the hardest races of his career.

"It was a tough race today, probably the worst conditions I have ever raced in. I couldn't see a thing, I was aquaplaning and had a couple of big moments which were really close - it was all I could do to keep the car on track.

"Eventually I had an electronic failure which caused a variety of problems, most significantly in the conditions, was the loss of traction control and consistent gearshift, which made the car impossible to drive through the right hand corners and I was forced to retire."

Wurz meanwhile was disappointed to not get a chance to shine in conditions that traditionally bring the best out of him, the Austrian likening it to be like 'running through your house with your eyes shut'.

"I was next to Felipe Massa and everything was fine when I was hit from behind. I guess whoever it was couldn't see me, just like I couldn't see anything else. Normally I am happy to drive in the wet, but it was really bad out there today.

"It was fine when you had no-one in front of you, but if you were following another car, you couldn't see a thing. The only way I can describe is if you close your eyes and run through your house at high speed - then you have some idea of how it was."



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