Ferrari team boss, Jean Todt has hit out at the FIA and the stewards at the Japanese Grand Prix after an email message informing teams that drivers' had to start on the extreme wet tyres went 'astray'.

Although the FIA has now changed this procedure, Todt is still fuming about what happened at Fuji and the fact it meant both Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa both had to make an early supplementary pit stop in Sunday's grand prix.

"I have to admit that there is still some bitterness as far as the outcome of the Fuji race is concerned," the Ferrari CEO told "We had the potential to win and to catch up further in the Drivers' championship. But now Felipe has dropped out mathematically and Kimi needs a miracle to become world champion.

"I'm very disappointed about the way of communication of the important instructions from the stewards right before the race. They should have done better.

"Apart from the fact that the procedure has not been formally observed, there is also the regret that certain actions have not been implemented by the ones, who for example had to underline the fact that we had to use rain tyres, while on the monitors the message about the fact that we had to start behind the safety car was transmitted.

"But also the FIA personal could have verified on the grid, that all the teams had received the communication. It's true that the press release by the Federation on Sunday evening acknowledged the procedural mistake, but by then the damage was already done."

Despite that though, Todt did concede that the main reason they aren't in a position to take the drivers' title this season is all to do with the reliability of the F2007 - or rather its lack of reliability.

"If we don't bring back to Maranello - together with the constructors' title - also the drivers' title, it is, because we didn't have enough reliability," he confirmed.

"It's enough to have a look at the championship: we lost some very important points - and I'm thinking about the problems Felipe had in Australia, Great Britain and Italy and the ones Kimi had at Barcelona and at the N?rburgring. With these points we would be really close to the actual leader in the championship.

"We have two very good drivers, who have demonstrated that they can work together and know that the concerns of the team come first when it is necessary. This will always remain a positive season, although there were some moments, when we really suffered and which did no good to Formula 1.

"In the first year with a new organisation of the team, when many expected us to be in decline, we gained 170 points, seven wins and eight pole positions so far and last but not least we could win the constructors' title for the 15th time in our history, the 7th in the last nine years.

"When I pause for a moment and look at the last 15 years, I feel satisfied about what Ferrari has done over all these years: 12 world champion titles, 96 wins, 84 pole position, 83 fastest laps in a race, more than 2,000 points: these are the figures, which should make proud everybody at Ferrari, our partners, our shareholders and the millions of fans of the Prancing Horse all over the world," he summed-up.



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