Ron Dennis says he is taking nothing for granted ahead of what could be McLaren and Lewis Hamilton's day of reckoning ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix.

The McLaren team boss was refusing to even comment on what pleasure he would receive if Hamilton did indeed wrap up the title a race early than planned, claiming that he wasn't superstitious but at the same time only focused on the job in hand.

Shanghai pole sitter Hamilton needs to finish within one point - at least - to Fernando Alonso to ensure he wins the title, and even then Kimi Raikkonen would have to hope for both drivers to retire in the final two races if he is to pinch the drivers' title from under the noses of former employers McLaren anyway.

Indeed, although they cannot win the constructors' championship by virtue of their punishment from their 'spying scandal' involvement, McLaren are inching closer to their first title win since Mika Hakkinen back in 1999. Not that Dennis is looking at it that way.

"I'm not going to answer the question because effectively we haven't won any world championship yet," he told Reuters. "We are focused, day at a time....I'm not going to tempt providence.

"I don't consider myself superstitious. For example, I don't hesitate walking under a ladder as long as I can see what's above it. I don't care if I pass someone on stairs, all those sorts of things.

"But I do think there is a pattern to life that you've got to recognise. I believe that there are patterns to life and that if you deviate away from values, approaches etc then you can find yourself not getting the best out of life."



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