Some sections of the Spanish media appear intent on giving Lewis Hamilton the hardest time possible as he goes head-to-head with McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso for the 2007 Formula One world title.

While partisan media coverage is nothing new, and sections of the British press have made no secret of where their allegiances lie in the Hamilton-Alonso battle, few have actively campaigned against their hero's rival. However, one particular title, which has been the most vocal in support of Alonso's quest, is now suggesting that Hamilton be penalised for actions in the Chinese Grand Prix.

Having carried the spectator footage of Hamilton behind the safety car at Fuji, has suggested that the points leader be sanctioned for apparently contravening the rules when he became stranded in the gravel trap in Shanghai.

"It was clear that the car could not leave the [gravel] trap but, far from respecting the FIA regulations, [Hamilton] remained in the cockpit, asking for aid from the track workers," the report claimed, "The area in question presented an evident danger. Near the track, in a curve, with the surface wet and with other competitors entering the pits.

"Perhaps he expected that a crane would arrive and remove him, as in the Grand Prix of Europe. But, this time, it not happen that way as, after [the Nurburgring] race, that situation can not be repeated, with drivers having to leave their cars as quickly as possible. That is stipulated in article 30.13 of the Sporting Code [sic].

"A minute and fifteen seconds [Hamilton remained] inside the car, gesturing with his hands to no fewer than six track workers to return him the track. His attitude endangered the life of the marshals, who could have been knocked down by another car at any moment.

"Hamilton believes that there is one regulation for him and another for the others. It was the same as what happened a week ago, with his behaviour behind the safety car at Fuji. In the subsequent investigation [into the safety car incident], he was acquitted, but he does not yield in his efforts to turn the rules to his benefit. The FIA should open an investigation [into Shanghai] after reviewing the video."



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