A decade ago, there was an advertising campaign for a well-known sporting brand that had aspirational kids claiming that they 'wanna be like Mike, referring to basketball star Michael Jordan, but Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he'd rather be more akin to F1 title rival Kimi Raikkonen instead.

Keen to show that he had not succumbed to nerves following his unfortunate exit from last Sunday's Chinese Grand Prix, the Briton insists that he is already focusing on the season finale at Interlagos in a little over ten days, and will be going there with a calm mind.

"I am not thinking negatively, only about doing a good job in Brazil," he told reporters, "If you begin to reflect on the negative things, they can begin to affect the job you do, so I am thinking about getting things right next time and, if that happens, on taking the world championship.

"I have already forgotten about what happened in Shanghai. I have been in this sort of situation before and I know I can take the pressure. They call Kimi 'the Iceman' and I believe that I have similar characteristics. Kimi and Fernando might have more experience, but I know myself."

Hamilton also confirmed that he had confidence in the Mclaren team providing him with the equipment to complete his championship quest at Interlagos.

"I have wanted to be in Formula One for 15 years, and now I can see with my own eyes why McLaren has been successful for all these years," he said, "There is no reason why this team has to resort to dirty tricks. I'm leading the world championship because we have a better car than Ferrari and because the team has done a better job at being reliable."



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