Lewis Hamilton says he plans to visit the grave of his childhood hero Ayrton Senna once the fight for the Formula 1 World Championship has been decided in Brazil next weekend.

Hamilton goes into the weekend leading the championship title race, although his retirement from the Chinese Grand Prix last weekend means that McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso is just four points behind, while Kimi Raikkonen is a further three points back for Ferrari.

Whatever the outcome of the weekend, Hamilton has revealed he plans to visit to the grave of the former McLaren driver - but admits it would be too emotional to make the visit ahead of race day.

"That's definitely something I'd like to do," he told Reuters. "I'll find it emotional and moving to go there.

"I will think about visiting after the race. It's important I have a clear mind going into the race weekend and that would be too emotional to do before the race."

The fact that the title race will go down to the wire has come after Hamilton skidded out of the race at Shanghai while running second with McLaren admitting afterwards that the rookie should have been called in to pit earlier with his tyres having gone off.

However, after the disappointment of seeing his chance to secure the title slip through his fingers - for now at least - Hamilton said he was firmly focused on the job still at hand, with his first DNF in Formula 1 making him stronger than ever.

"I've got a lot of confidence in myself," he said. "It's got to be a hard hit knowing the world championship was there and I didn't take it but its still there to win.

"I'm still in the lead and I've still got a good chance of winning so I'm feeling pretty cool as I'm in the best position to do that. I'm mentally stronger after the weekend in China. Some drivers would be on the back foot but I've taken the negatives and made them into positives. I've had a very good season.

"However, I understand the position I'm in and what I have to do. I aim on finishing on the podium and know I can't take risks. Maybe I took a risk at the last race..."



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