Emerson Fittipaldi has admitted that calling this weekend's Formula One world championship showdown will be difficult to do, with little to choose between the two McLaren drivers.

Although he acknowledges that Kimi Raikkonen remains in the hunt for the title, the Brazilian insists that the Ferrari pilot needs a lot of luck to deprive either Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso of the crown, but finds deciding which of the McLaren pilots will come out on top a lot tougher. Speaking to Spain's Marca during an historic F1 demonstration at Montjuich Park, Fittipaldi eventually sided with Alonso, simply because the Spaniard has prior experience of fighting for the title and the pressure that entails.

Insisting that he would not have given a different answer to an English journalists, the two-time world champion claimed that Alonso could well take advantage of the fall-out from Hamilton's retirement in China, using his greater F1 experience to overturn the Briton's four-point lead at Interlagos.

"Technically, Fernando has more experience, he is two-time world champion," Fittipaldi mused, "Already, he has been through moments of a lot of pressure, starting with the race at Imola in 2005, where he endured so many laps ahead of [Michael] Schumacher without a single error... I believe that he is going to be surer than Lewis Hamilton, who has a lot of talent, but little experience. As for Kimi, he needs a lot of luck, the lottery has to play his way, because the two McLarens would have to finish out of the upper positions."

Despite backing Alonso, Fittipaldi admits that he can see reasons why either of the McLaren drivers ought to win the title.

"Hamilton is causing something unique in the history of F1," he conceded, "He is incredible for a newcomer. I am divided between the two. Fernando has a lot of talent and deserves to win and Hamilton, by being a new pilot, also deserves to win. He drives as if he has been in F1 for ten years already. That is impressive, and not very normal."

Skipping over the subject of controversy - and refusing comment on Alonso's character - Fittipaldi claimed that the Spaniard would almost certainly be champion again if he joined Ferrari.

"He would help what was lost with the retirement of [Michael] Schumacher," the Brazilian claimed, "Michael improved the car a lot when he arrived and Alonso can do exactly the same thing. With Schumacher's retirement, Ferrari has gone downhill, in my opinion, but, if Fernando went there, he would help to get the best car."



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