Despite being urged to play the percentages in this weekend's Brazilian Formula One showdown, Lewis Hamilton has shown his racer's mentality by claiming that his main aim will be to beat allcomers at Interlagos.

The Briton only needs to finish second to confirm himself as the first rookie world champion - or fifth should neither Fernando Alonso or Kimi Raikkonen cross the line first - but is keen to put the issue beyond doubt by finishing in front of both of his rivals. That gameplan would also keep Hamilton out of the reach of the second Ferrari, driven by 2006 Brazilian GP winner Felipe Massa, who could have a wildcard role to play in the outcome of the championship, despite having been eliminated from contention in Japan.

"I've not really thought about that, to be honest," he told Britain's Observer newspaper, "In the last few races, Kimi's been the one that made the charge for the title but, because he was quite far behind in points, Felipe's not really been a major threat.

"He'll be going out there to do his own job and I think, perhaps, if the team ask him, maybe he will try and get in the way. Even if Kimi's in the lead and Felipe's behind him and holding me up, that's not really a big problem for me. I'll only need to finish fifth, so it's not a big issue.

"The important thing is that I'm comfortable with the pace of my car, and with my abilities. I have no doubt that we can do a better job than them. I'm not going there thinking 'sh*t, I've gotta watch out for Felipe'. I'm going out there to beat them all."

Despite the impression he gave in Shanghai just over a week ago, however, Hamilton will not be trying to win at all costs. The Briton saw his first shot at the title disappear when a rear tyre delaminated in mixed conditions, causing him to slide off the road on his way to the pits.

"We were clearly in a perfect position to win the championship but, at the end of the day, I wanted to win the race," he admitted, "I was out there driving for the win, and things like that can just happen.

"I think we still have to approach the [last] race weekend by trying to take pole position, lead from the start and win the race, but I think some part of the mind has to be focused on the end result."



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