Ferrari has confirmed that it will continue to supply both Scuderia Toro Rosso and the team to be born out of the current Spyker operation next season, after seeing the benefits of having multiple engines on the Formula One grid.

This season is the first since 2001 - when the Scuderia supplied both Sauber and Prost - that Maranello has provided powerplants for two customer teams and, despite a shaky start, head of track engineering Mattia Binotto claims the project has been a success.

"The freezing of engine development has helped a lot in allowing us to provide this service, because you are able to schedule and manage the full activity quite some time in advance," he explains, "We have done a great job this year and part of that is down to the engine freeze.

"On the other side, I would say that our collaboration with both Toro Rosso and Spyker has worked very well. In terms of performance, we made a significant step forward through the season, as can be seen especially by Toro Rosso's performance in the last couple of races.

"At the start of the season, life was quite difficult on the customer front because we had a very short time to prepare and work out the installation of the engine in the chassis but, with both these teams, we caught up and made some good steps forward. Now we are looking to move forward again with both teams next year.

"Ferrari is supplying these two other teams mainly for technical reasons, as it is a benefit to be able to run each race with six engines and the amount of feedback is important in terms of reliability and engine usage. But we have enjoyed a good relationship and a good collaboration. Our engine guys in Maranello are very happy to have had four Ferrari engines in the top six at the last race in Japan!"



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