Lewis Hamilton has warned his rivals that he feels more relaxed than ever going into the Formula One world championship showdown at Interlagos, despite his DNF in China making his job a little harder.

The Briton insists that, rather than heaping extra pressure on himself, the Shanghai incident has allowed him to re-focus and head into the Brazilian finale more comfortable with the weekend ahead. Having taken a twelve-point advantage over Fernando Alonso to China, Hamilton is now just four points clear of the Spaniard and seven up on Kimi Raikkonen, but told journalists that he is feeling happier than in Shanghai.

"It definitely didn't make me more nervous," he said of the off, "If anything, it took the pressure off my shoulders and I think I came out of it even stronger. I thought it would knock my confidence and put me back on my back foot, but I went away and thought about the weekend and I feel I'm even stronger than I was, for whatever reason.

"It was a good learning experience [and], coming here, I feel a lot different compared to the last race. The last race was always... all the pressure was building up and everything was going on, on the Thursday and Friday. It wasn't a great weekend, but I feel totally relaxed now and fully confident in the team and our ability to challenge for the title."

Hamilton denied suggestions that he had had help to focus his attention on this weekend, and insisted that he would be approaching the race in his usual way.

"I've never used a psychologist," he said in response to one question, "I have never been in this position before, trying to win the world championship... [so] I think you just have to treat it as you usually do.

"I want to win but, as Fernando says, sometimes you have to be conservative. The only thing I can do is look at what he has done for the last few years and what Michael did in previous years and try to learn something from their strengths or weaknesses. I am going to do the same job as always - and try to stay on the track this time!"



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