The Motorsport Industry Association has confirmed just how valuable Lewis Hamilton's rapid ascent to the pinnacle of Formula One has been to the UK motorsport industry in his rookie year.

Although the Briton missed out on the chance of taking the world championship in his rookie season, his impact on public awareness - both within and outside the sport - has been sizeable, and has led to some exciting trends according to the MIA.

"Lewis Hamilton's achievement in becoming runner-up in the F1 World Championship in his first year has caught the imagination of a new generation of young people throughout the UK," CEO Chris Aylett admitted, "Added to his obvious skill, he has shown himself to be cool and charming under pressure from the media. He is a potential champion, on and off the track, for the UK motorsport scene.

"His success will bring new competitors into motorsport and thereby create more business for the UK's motorsport industry - the ideal image for our sport - at a time when it is under threat. Lewis will become as important to motorsport as Tiger Woods is to golf. The whole UK industry will benefit - from karting to touring cars.

"Whilst track-day activity has grown over the past few years, we have been seeking more competitors to take up the real sport of motor racing - and Lewis Hamilton is just what we have been waiting for. This is excellent news, and all in the UK industry congratulate Lewis on his tremendous achievement, and his professionalism and determination in his first season."



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