Formula One 'newcomer' Sebastien Bourdais reckons that the best driver won the 2007 Formula One world championship following last weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix finale, pointing out that Lewis Hamilton made too many mistakes to claim the crown.

Speaking at an official press conference in the week following his own title-clinching victory 'down under' in Surfers Paradise, Bourdais -who joins Toro Rosso in 2008 - also added that, in his opinion, the political maelstrom that engulfed the top flight this year had had little effect on the championship race - and would not make any difference to the result after yet another protest was filed at Interlagos.

"I think, obviously, 2007 has been extremely different from any other," he acknowledged, "There was a great ontrack effort with four very good drivers, but it kind of turned into a bit of a political game.

"I think a lot of things come into play in racing sports, and this year probably more than ever in F1, but, at the end, I think the strongest guy won the championship. He kept his nose clean and stayed out of trouble. It's a shame for Lewis what happened, but he made a couple of mistakes in the last couple of races, and that lost him the championship.

"I don't really think the political aspect of things really dictated what happened on the racetrack and, to be honest, I don't think it would, even if the two teams that McLaren appealed against necessarily meant it would change the order of the championship. I think the FIA already said that. It might not get Lewis back up in the classification."

Having followed the intra-team row between Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, Bourdais was asked how he expected his new relationship with Sebastian Vettel to proceed.

"He's obviously quite a bit younger than me, and we've never competed against each other or anything, but we haven't met yet because I've been pretty busy on my end and actually pretty focused on the Champ Car stuff because it's something I owed to my team," he said, non-committally, "Like I said, I will go on with the next challenge when it's time, but not yet."



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