It appears that Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso's game of one-upmanship will continue even after the Spaniard's apparently imminent exit from Mclaren, as both look set to be commemorated in tarmac.

For the time being, however, it seems that the double world champion will have bragging rights for, while Hamilton's home town names a street after its new hero, Alonso is poised to have a whole circuit titled in his honour.

News of Hamilton's commemoration broke over the weekend, with Stevenage Borough Council confirming that it had decided to honour the 22-year old in a new town centre development.

"The success of Lewis has given everyone in Stevenage a real boost," council leader Sharon Taylor explained to the local BBC news station, "Everyone in the town is enormously proud of the fact that Lewis comes from Stevenage. In particular, our young people see him as a role model and his achievements have definitely raised their aspiration levels. He has really helped to put the town on the map."

However, while Stevenage now prepares to put Hamilton on its own map, the president of the Asturias region of Spain has announced that funds are being earmarked to reward Alonso for his title double.

Speaking before the Spaniard addressed fans in Oviedo, Vicente Alvarez Areces revealed that the region wanted to 'recognise the effort and the winning ability' of its 'great champion' and was planning to build a circuit and museum that would carry his name.



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