Spanish sports minister Jaime Lissavetzky has hit out at McLaren, claiming that the British outfit missed out on securing the Formula 1 driver's title because it 'failed to apply the basic values of sport'.

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso both went into the Brazilian Grand Prix with a chance of taking the title but lost out to Kimi Raikkonen by just a single point at the end of a campaign that saw the two become embroiled in an inter-team battle that appeared at times to be close to spiralling out of control.

With the two drivers barely speaking at points, it led to a strained atmosphere in the garage and Lissavetzky said a lack of team-work had been key to both his Spanish driver Alonso and young Brit Hamilton missing out on the crown.

"In sport you have to work together or else you almost always end up losing," he was quoted by the Reuters news agency. "From the outside it didn't look like there was much team work going on at McLaren. They should have applied the basic values of sport.

"As the saying goes vengeance is a dish that is served cold and as Raikkonen is an 'iceman' he ended up getting his revenge. I would have liked Fernando Alonso to have won, but he has won the championship twice and is a real star and ended the season just a point away from winning a third title."



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