Renault's Heikki Kovalainen believes that Kimi Raikkonen deserves to take the Formula 1 drivers' title this season and that it would be a real shame if McLaren's appeal changes the result.

McLaren opted to lodge an appeal - something that was confirmed last week - after the BMW Sauber and Williams cars escaped punishment following the Brazilian Grand Prix, despite fuel irregularities, which were discovered post-race.

If they are disqualified it would move Lewis Hamilton up from seventh place, something that would give the Englishman the extra points he needs to deprive Kimi of the crown.

Speaking to BBC Sport Online though, Kovalainen added that in his view Kimi did the best job this year.

"Kimi is the right champion. I don't think you can put it down to luck," he noted.

"It's fair to say that in the last few races he was the strongest one. All of them had a bad race at some point, all made a few errors. But Kimi really was the strongest driver throughout the year.

"The right guy won it. I don't know all the details about the appeal, but let them sort it out and if there's anyone to blame and there is a guilty party let them face the penalty accordingly.

"But I really hope it doesn't change anything. I guess it needs sorting out but I hope the championship result stands."

Kovalainen also added that Raikkonen will make a good champion, even if he isn't the most talkative driver in the paddock.

"Kimi is a really nice guy. He is very honest and fair and never gets involved in things that aren't his business. People in F1 like him because what you see is what you get. He's never been the chattiest guy in the world but that's how he is," Heikki continued.

"He's got a really good sense of humour. I get on very well with him and he can be very funny. Whatever people say about him, he's a very smart guy.

"I see things said about him and they make me smile, but he never gets involved in a war of words or anything. Sometimes, he says things in a clever way and it shows his intelligence."



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