Just when it seemed the whole spying row that rocked the 2007 Formula 1 season had died down somewhat, another team has been called in front of the sport's governing body accused of possessing confidential information belonging to someone else.

While McLaren was deemed during the summer to be the guilty party, this time it would appear the Woking-based concern is the victim, with Renault being summoned before the FIA World Motorsport Council in Monaco on 6 December to answer a charge of possessing confidential McLaren technical information.

The information includes 'the layout and critical dimensions of the McLaren F1 car', the FIA statement reads, the announcement being made on the same day as FIA inspectors visited McLaren's headquarters as part of their investigation to ensure no Ferrari ideas are used in the design of the British outfit's 2008 challenger.

The charges levelled against Renault - with the Enstone-based squad first being implicated in the whole saga back in September around the time of McLaren's punishment - are undeniably similar to those McLaren faced, and for which the team received an unprecedented $100m (?47.5m) fine and disqualification from the 2007 constructors' championship

'The team representatives have been called to answer a charge that between September 2006 and October 2007,' the FIA statement read, 'in breach of Article 151c of the International Sporting Code, the Renault F1 Team had unauthorised possession of documents and confidential information belonging to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, including, but not limited to, the layout and critical dimensions of the McLaren F1 car, together with details of the McLaren fuelling system, gear assembly, oil cooling system, hydraulic control system and a novel suspension component used by the 2006 and 2007 McLaren F1 cars.'